Friday, September 18, 2009

Ohio State looses to USC

Yes I know we're all aware of what happened last week against USC @ the Horseshoe. And I'm sure nobody or at least any Ohio State fan wants to hear anymore about it. It was a close game and I'm sure from kick off up until USC scored that game winning TD. Every Ohio State fan thought they OSU was going to win.

Well unfortunately that didn't happen.

While you were watching the game did anything look familiar to you? When I saw Terrelle Pryor throw that interception I immediately thought of last year when Ohio State played USC and Boeckman threw that interception to Rey Maualuga. To this day that video is shown all over the Internet. When I went to look on youtube for the video of Terrelle Pryor throwing that interception on Saturday. I couldn't find anything! Not a thing! And don't even get me started on rude comments that Brent Musberger said about Boeckman. I don't want to say the kind of things about Terrelle that people said about Todd last year. So I'll stop before it's to late!

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6blessings said...

Life isn't fair-Todd deserves better! Thanks for your insight!