Saturday, January 3, 2009

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Two of the stalwarts of the Ohio State offense, seniors Ben Person and Todd Boeckman are both students and fans of the gridiron game. Today, in another of our multi-part series with various members of the Ohio State team, the two share some thoughts on the 2008-09 bowl season.

BCS bowl game match-up you are most interested in watching?

Ben: The championship game and the Rose Bowl.

Todd: The Rose Bowl.

Non-BCS game(s) that have the potential to be fun to watch?

Ben: The other games with Big Ten teams.

Todd: Every game with a Big Ten team.

Entering the bowl season there were two unbeaten BCS teams: Utah and Boise State. Who wins had they been matched?

Ben: Utah.

Todd: Too close to tell.

Oklahoma or Florida?

Ben: Florida.

Todd: It’s going to be a great game. It could go either way.

What moments or plays or personalities stand out from the first two Ohio State vs. Texas games?

Ben: In 2005, how loud the stadium was when it erupted on A.J. Hawk’s interception.

Todd: Those were both exciting games. The atmosphere in both stadiums was unreal.

Is there any Southwestern food that you can’t wait to dig into while in Arizona?

Ben: A Fatburger.

Todd: I will probably stick with the same things I eat at home.

What is the University of Phoenix Stadium like?

Ben: A very interesting place – it’s amazing how they can slide the field out of the stadium. Todd: Big, nice and great to play in.