Friday, November 21, 2008

This is the game everyone looks forward too...

This is the game that everyone looks forward to...
Arguably the best rivalry in all of college football – and that’s just in regards to the fans. Quite simply, don’t wear red in Ann Arbor, Michigan and don’t dare think about donning maze and blue in Columbus, Ohio. Ever.
This rivalry has been brewing since 1835, but many believe that the official fire was lit during the coaching days of Woody Hayes (OSU) and Bo Schembechler (U of M).

What kicked the hate?
Many believe that this rivalry stemmed from the two states battling over territory in 1835. The football rivalry has seemed to carry over from the Toledo War, which was a bloodless battle over the Michigan-Ohio border.

Who has the lifetime edge?
The Wolverines have a slight lead, note the word slight. The advantage was piled up during the early years of the rivalry. During the John Cooper years at Ohio State, Michigan built on their record as Cooper went
2-10-1 against the Wolverines. Lately, Jim Tressel has revived Ohio State's fortunes by compiling a 4-1 record against Michigan.

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